About Me

☆ Sarah | 18 | USA ☆
I have red hair. I go to university for computer science. I'm learing to be strong on my own. I'm afraid of large crowds but I care about people. I love owls. I would like to travel but not alone. I work at a museum giving tours.

Currently Reading

• "Spring and All" poems by Williams Carlos Williams
• "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway


• I can't wait for Andy to visit in July!
• Starting my job on Monday, 10 hour days...


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I can’t think of anything but nights with you.
Zelda Fitzgerald to Scott Fitzgerald, 1919 (via bl-ossomed)

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You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.
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My body has bruises from the words you told me.
10 Word Poem" series - #29  (via elauxe)

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There are two types of bunnies.

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http://sexual-passion.tumblr.com/ http://sexual-passion.tumblr.com/

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